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Is your Facebook location wrong? even on your iphone?

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This may help you. 

There are a few scenarios where this can happen.

1. Go to the Settings app.  Settings > General > Location Services.  Make sure the master switch at the top is set to “ON”.  Then scroll down to WhosHere and make sure it is set to “ON” as well.

2. Does your Maps application put you in the right spot (click the ‘radar’ at bottom left)? If it is, go back into WhosHere and under Setup, put your accuracy to “best” until it captures your location


Any chance you installed or upgraded WhosHere and did not give us permission to use your location? I f not, it will place your profile in a neutral location and could explain it. If this is possible, delete WhosHere and reinstall it. When it asks you, make sure you give it permission to use your location.


If you gave WhosHere permission to use your location when you installed it your GPS and cell location is determined by Apple. Your WiFi location is determined by Skyhook Wireless on agreement with Apple. In other words, your iPhone or iPod touch lets WhosHere know where it thinks it is.

You may have an incorrectly located WiFi by Apple and Skyhook Wireless. You can report that at http://www.skyhookwireless.com/howitworks/submit_ap.php.

Rarely, we have seen the Phone get confused on where it is with 3g and Edge signals. If that is happening we would suggest you contact Apple for support since the Phone tells WhosHere where it thinks it is.

Please keep this in mind if you have this issue.The location could be your ip location. 

You can check your ip address and see what the location is for your IP, it could well be your isp web host that is based there.

banner 250x250 Facebook Location Wrong

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